Audit & diagnosis

Street lighting & illuminated traffic signs

The realization of a diagnosis offers an exhaustive inventory of lighting fixtures with technicalnormative and secure state. This study must integrate the nature of the enlightened ways as well as the parameters related to its environment and its frequentation. The recommendations of the European standards (EN 13201) make it possible to define the right light, where it is needed, and at the best cost of installation and exploitation.

From an accurate evaluation of the technical and economic constraints, we will approach the principles of restoration associating the functionality, the esthetics and the limitation of light pollution.

Contents of our mission

inventory of installed streetlights (light points, traffic lights, electrical cubicles),
. checking of conformities,
photometric statement,
measurements of the intensities, voltage and power,
carryforward of the installations on GIS drawings (mapinfo, autocad…),
energy expenses, maintenance and works analysis,
. diagram of restoration including the investment proposals.