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Lighting master plan


By Lighting master plan

An architectural gem bathed by the Loire, the town of Saumur is nestled in lush greenery where vineyards and white tufa houses rub shoulders.

It is through the establishment of a Global Performance Market that the City has decided to upgrade the lighting of its streets while rethinking its consumption habits.

Within the framework of this contract, NoctaBene has produced the Master Plan for the City’s Lighting in order to guide the Citeos company in a proposal combining elegance, durability and sobriety, through an ambitious program of lowering and extinguishing on the City, as well as proposals for the enhancement of its most emblematic monuments, which will contribute to the revitalization of Saumur nights while remaining particularly attentive to minimizing their environmental impact.

This revitalization project also involves the proposal of a unique light sculpture for the Christmas holidays, produced in collaboration with LEA – Les Éclairagistes Associés.

March 2023


By Lighting master plan

Located to the east of Paris, Pré-Saint-Gervais is the closest town to the center of the capital. Long a holiday resort for Parisians, the Pré-Saint-Gervais is today urbanized and dense, but nevertheless retains this timeless aspect thanks to its paths, its shared gardens and its many tree-lined paths.

NoctaBene accompanies the city in the nocturnal planning of its territory, built around the present and future issues and challenges of the City: to include the Pré in an ambitious program of sustainable development, aiming at a strong reduction in its energy consumption, while consolidating, at night, the bucolic atmosphere that offers Gervaisiens a unique living environment at the gates of the capital.

February 2023


By Lighting master plan

Reflecting the south of the French capital, the city of Ivry-sur-Seine stretches along the river opposite the 13th arrondissement of Paris. A historic town in the red belt, Ivry-sur-Seine was built around its working-class life throughout the 20th century, which left a lasting mark on its territory.

Wishing today to give its inhabitants an exemplary nightlife setting, the city of Ivry-sur-Seine entrusted NoctaBene with the lighting planning of its city. The themes of energy sobriety and the preservation of biodiversity are at the heart of the project, while ensuring the inhabitants’ safety and well-being during their nocturnal wanderings.

September 2022

Le Pouliguen

By Lighting master plan

Nestled in the heart of the Côte d’Amour and the Pays de Guérande, the towns of Le Pouliguen and La Turballe stretch out along the Atlantic Ocean. As summer resort towns, they have decided to shape their future public lighting in the image of their territory with its multiple challenges, by taking up the environmental challenges inherent in their coastal character while enhancing their dynamic seaside atmosphere.

They therefore commissioned SYDELA – Syndicat départemental d’énergie de Loire Atlantique – and NoctaBene to draw up a Lighting Master Plan in order to think about and define their future lighting.

Photo credit: NoctaBene – Yann Rozier

2022 February


By Lighting master plan

NoctaBene has been awarded the contract launched by the city of Angoulême, for the production of a Lighting Development Master Plan (SDAL), with a view to creating a lighting identity adapted to the city, its uses and needs (safety, attractiveness , energy consumption, environment, etc.). The proposal for a digital transition strategy for the city will be an integral part of this modernization process.

March 2021


By Lighting master plan

First diurnal and nocturnal scouting with a view to establishing the City’s Lighting Master Plan. This study will complete the future business consultation file relating to the maintenance and new works market.

June 2018

Grenoble-Alpes Métropole

By Lighting master plan

Start of the consultation and the first scouting for the establishment of the future Lighting Development Master Plan for a vast territory made up of 49 municipalities. In this mission directly attached to the Air Energy Climate Plan, our team will assist the Metropolis in the transfer of public lighting skills, the drafting of an inventory of the heritage and recommendations related to the future challenges of lighting on the horizon. 2020/2030.

May 2018

Saint-Leu de La Réunion

By Lighting master plan

Ongoing drafting of the Lighting Development Master Plan.

The city commissioned us to assist them in defining a strategy for the development, enhancement and management of its park. This study will also include specific recommendations related to energy and ecological issues.

April 2018


By Lighting master plan

NoctaBene & Lighteconcept winners of the competition launched by the city of Saint-Nazaire, for the realization of its Lighting Development Master Plan.

The area of Saint-Nazaire extends over 46.79 km². Despite this relatively vast territory, the urban morphology presents a notable density, whether from the point of view of its population or its typological components. The maritime interface as well as the naval heritage are an integral part of the definition of the territory of Saint-Nazaire.

Beyond this topographical complexity, our grouping will be based on a sensitive analysis of the rhythms of life making it possible to create a hierarchy of spaces, and to sketch out future light atmospheres with regard to sociological and ecological issues.

Photo: Orihime

May 2017


By Lighting master plan

In the process of establishing the future Lighting Development Master Plan covering the entire territory of the city.

Bobigny is a commune in the north-eastern suburbs of Paris, on the Plaine des Vertus, located three kilometers from the gates of Paris, on the north bank of the Canal de l’Ourcq.

The south and west of the town are mainly occupied by areas of economic activity, the city center is made up of dense collective housing (residential towers) surrounding collective facilities (town hall, prefecture, shopping center Bobigny 2) and the north and northeast of the city (bordering Drancy) retain an old suburban type habitat, built at the beginning of the 20th century.

The town of Bobigny comprises eight large districts, most of which are listed as sensitive urban areas.

January 2017