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Project management

The conclusions drawn from the audit and the master plan guide the first investment proposals (classified by priority: standards, safety, added value for tourists, energy savings, etc.).
Noctabene then offers project management assistance, with a management and maintenance strategy defining precise requirements in terms of human and material resources, communication with users, management of alerts, etc….

. Definition and choice of an appropriate procedure: public procurement, partnership contract, public-private partnership, etc.
. We then carry out a study outlining the different types of operating methods (renovation, maintenance, lighting) that could be envisaged, with their constraints and advantages (objectives, legal basis, method of remuneration, regulatory deadlines, staff status, duration, etc.).
This analysis enables us to select two or three hypotheses for legal, technical and financial arrangements, excluding those that would prove unsuited to the nature and constraints of the operation envisaged.

The following aspects in particular are addressed at this stage :

. financing arrangements
. overall cost of the operation,
. purpose of the contract
. contract duration
. expected performance,
. …

Writing the functional program

The functional program defines the city’s objectives, in particular the needs to be met and the expected performance.
After gathering the city’s wishes, we draw up a detailed program, which will enable the selected candidates to propose the means best suited to meeting the city’s needs.

Assistance with market launch and bid analysis

The bids submitted by the selected companies will be analyzed on a comparative basis.
The technical analysis will focus on the relevance of the provisional timetable, the quality of the materials proposed, the environmental protection measures proposed, and the company’s ability to treat the built or natural heritage in a technical and aesthetic way.
The economic analysis focuses on the consistency of the proposed supply and installation prices, and the return on investment (energy-saving measures proposed, etc.).

Our involvement includes :

. participation in the tender opening committee,
. analyzing bids in collaboration with city representatives,
. drawing up and presenting to the relevant committee a report analyzing the various candidates’ proposals,
. assist in drafting the decision approving the choice of the successful candidate,
. assistance in drafting all necessary documents.
. finalize and sign the contract.