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Project management

Such a diagnosis, in addition to the application of the technical standards in force (quality, safety, etc…), must take into account the nature as well as the parameters related to its environment and its frequentation.

NoctaBene also includes in its methodology, the installation of specific control devices in order to obtain, in the short run, some substantial energy savings.
The stock of technical data, held on site, is registered by specific documents. Luminous areas and existing sets of traffic signalling are deferred in the plan.

For street lighting elements, a photometric reading exposes, by street, the average illumination (i.e., the longitudinal uniformity coefficient).
We verify electricity suppliers statements / bills, and establish whether the subscription level is economic in relation to the amount and style of lighting used.

The accurate evaluation of the current systems’ constraints, will lead to the proposal of a concept making it possible to combine functionality, aesthetics and limiting pollution of the night sky.

Therefore, by means of a lighting master plan, various technical solutions, whether they be relating to norms, energy and or typography, will be outlined. This is in order to offer a perpetual programme of functioning that conforms to the setting or improvement of the project, by taking into account future difficulties of maintenance.

Combining all these research elements will then allow us, in collaboration with the city and its engineering departments, to build the tender documents for supplier companies and to define the best solutions of management and financing of the contract.