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Lighting design

Royal Fortress of Chinon

By 8 September 2016July 10th, 2023No Comments

NoctaBene & Kandela have been selected by the Departmental Council and the Syndicat Intercommunal d’Energies d’Indre-et-Loire to define the future permanent illumination of the Royal Fortress of Chinon, a prestigious site in the Loire Valley.

Men from all eras have been attracted to the place, shaped it to their needs in life, beliefs, power and influence on destiny. Through time and conquests, the fortress has been left with its unique character, its patina, its memory which is revealed under the new attention that contemporary man gives it, aware of the richness of its heritage.

At the crossroads of three royal provinces, Chinon was born from the rich hours of history, embodying its own role, discreet or decisive depending on the era.

The village, a vestige preserved from this crossing of time, developed with the castles, below their imposing ramparts, lived on history, or to its detriment, was built from the stones of the fortress which sits quiet seat overlooking the Vienne to form with him the Chinonaise city.

The Indre-et-Loire department aims to preserve and enhance this exceptional heritage. Lighting will highlight the unique architectural details of the fortress and reveal the nocturnal identity of the site, giving it a new spectacular and modern dimension.

Infographic: Dripmoon

September 2016