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Lighting master plan


By 30 March 2023July 11th, 2023No Comments

An architectural gem bathed by the Loire, the town of Saumur is nestled in lush greenery where vineyards and white tufa houses rub shoulders.

It is through the establishment of a Global Performance Market that the City has decided to upgrade the lighting of its streets while rethinking its consumption habits.

Within the framework of this contract, NoctaBene has produced the Master Plan for the City’s Lighting in order to guide the Citeos company in a proposal combining elegance, durability and sobriety, through an ambitious program of lowering and extinguishing on the City, as well as proposals for the enhancement of its most emblematic monuments, which will contribute to the revitalization of Saumur nights while remaining particularly attentive to minimizing their environmental impact.

This revitalization project also involves the proposal of a unique light sculpture for the Christmas holidays, produced in collaboration with LEA – Les Éclairagistes Associés.

March 2023